Matthew Belanger

new media artist

Television Programming

The Weather Channel (06/22/1999)

The Weather Channel (06/22/1999)

Home Shopping Network (12/31/1999) NBC (03/08/1999) MTV (03/13/1999) CNN (03/25/1999) BET (07/05/1999) ESPN (05/10/1999) Nickelodeon / Nick at Nite (01/06/1999) FX (06/19/1999) The Weather Channel (06/22/1999) USA Network (07/04/1999) CNBC (07/28/1999) TNN (07/29/1999) ABC (07/06/2000) Fox (06/16/2002) Fox News (12/31/2003) Fox News (01/01/2004) Channel 35 (01/04/2004) Channel 35 (01/05/2004) Channel 35 (01/06/2004) Channel 35 (01/07/2004) Channel 35 (01/08/2004) Channel 35 (01/09/2004) Channel 35 (01/10/2004)
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Television Programming began out of a desire to transform the never-ending stream of broadcast television images into something that could be studied as a whole. Perhaps then, patterns would emerge, that once parsed, could give us greater understanding of this medium. And that by making it possible to study an entire days worth of images, the viewer will be able to identify the patterns of a particular time and channel.

To capture these images I placed a digital camera in front of my television for a day, a week, or sometimes months at a time, and set it to take a photo every minute. I then took the pictures and placed all 1440 of them on a grid in order. Each row consists of 30 images, or a half hour of television programming. MTV is clearly more chaotic than CSPAN. While The Weather Channel's strict schedule creates rows leading down the entire page. And the same channel does often vary from one day to the next.